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CerTec has developed a digital certification-system which purpose is to certify trustworthy operators on the Internet.
The system is mainly angled towards commersial web-sites that involves transactions of money and classified
information, but can also be used by others who needs a verification-system for a segment of web-sites.

The system workes as follows:
The owner and controller of the system, has to define a set of rules, whitch will constitute the framework that will limit whitch web-sites that can attain a certification. The owner of the system has to verifify that all the web-sites that are granted certification actually complies to the defined rules.

The certified web-sites get a script to imply in their web-pages, that will display a server-side icon that declares to the users that the client-site is certified. The script also lets users open a server-side certificate whitch is unique for each client, which also lets the users open the rules that the client has declared to comly to.

Through this system, users will know what to expect from a web-side and what commersial standards the owner of the site complies to binds himself to comply to. The owner of the site will, in turn, gain the same goodwill from the users which is connected to the owner of the certification-system.


The certification-system developed for NNO - Norsk Netthandlerorganisasjon, demonstrates how the system works in practice.


If you are interested in the CerTec™ Digital Certification Systems, please contact us by e-mail to:
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